Desert boats


The “Desert State” has become a temporary “swamp”, north of Goyders Line.

Lake Gairdner with water February 2022

It’s full for the first in Europen memory. There is only a 20″ of water. I had plans underway to operate an exploration on this lake using a specical craft. Operating and beaucratic problems were too great, so I have reluctantly cancelled this venture.

Warburton – Lake Eyre (Kati Thanda) boat safaris

8-day Warburton to Lake Eyre and return and Cooper Creek to Lake Eyre return: $9,750 per person (2year payment option available for limited participants) 11 day ex adelaide.

12 DAY WARBURTON/KALLAKOOPAH/LAKE EYRE/return WARBURTON, an approx. 700 km Boat Safari through the Simpson and Tirari Deserts: $12,750 per person. (Adelaide to Adelaide transfer additional). Subject to water being available.

Water is presently running in to lake Eyre (March 15th) It requires another cyclone or two in Gulf of Carpentaria to provide navigitable water to the lake. Watch this website for updates. Booking taken on a first come first served basis. No deposits taken until 1 week prior to departure.

ALL ENQUIRIES to Rex by or 0400 854 358

Rex Ellis is the only operator that offers these itineraries on desert rivers

This is a world class adventure travel experience.

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Warburton River Boat Party

Rex Ellis’s Bush Safari reserves the right to cancel or alter itineraries without notice.

A Murray River Raft Odessey 

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