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Under review due to flooded salt lakes

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Lake FromeLake TorrensLake GairdnerLake Everard
Swift ParrotCarnaby’s CockatooWestern Ground ParrotRegent Honeyeater
Lake CallabonnaLake BlancheLake GregoryLake Eyre
CassowaryOrange Bellied ParrotCarpentaria
Grass Wren
Regent Parrot

Walking Across Lakes Frome, Torrens, Gairdner, Everard, Blanche, Gregory, Callabonna and Eyre. Departure date to be posted on this website one month prior to departure. Also on Birdlife Australia website.

Many of these lakes have islands, most never visited by birders. Where relevant a bird survey will be carried out on these islands. Some of these walk may be undertaken in early or late summer.

A preliminary walk was undertaken during heatwave conditions, (so hot that the rubber mounts melted on a camera tripod).

Anyone wishing to donate to a particular walk (or all walks) can click here to donate and donations will then be sent directly to Birdlife Australia’s secure donation page – a tax deductible receipt will be provided for all donations over $2. Anonymous donations welcome.

*Update* – Currently we have walked 7 of the Lakes. We will resume walking later this year when certain lakes dry out after heavy rains.

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